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a poem by me

He watched me there fall apart,
He told me not to care,
To break the heart of every guy,
That crossed my path, that dared..
I took his words and soaked them in,
I'm hurting people left and right,
I just can't seem to keep the guy,
I'm going to stay alone, that I just might,
I cannot bare to see myself,
In the mirror anymore,
I see of all the boys that I've hurt,
I've really become a whore,
I rant and rave at my past,
I'm really missing him right now,
For when he died he took,
The best of me somehow,
I'm missing him and I still can't find,
Anyone to be the replacement,
I'm wailing and crying and dying,
I can't seem to feel complacent,
I sit and wait and cry alone,
I'm waiting it feels like a dream,
No one really notices me,
It really makes me scream,
I hold on to the few precious memories,
With that a razor blade and a knife,
I'm hoping someone will come to me,
Lift up all this strife....
A broken hearted faggot is what I am,
Just another one in this world...

by: Eli C. (me)
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